The Africa Evangelistic Band was formed in 1924 as the outcome of the Evangelistic work of the Misses Garrat and Miss Cameron in South Africa. Many of God’s people were burdened with the spiritual needs of the land; and, after much waiting upon God in prayer, it was decided to consolidate their work by the formation of the AEB, and the establishment of an Advisory Council.

Its object is the preaching of a full salvation in the towns and country districts of South Africa; and to arrange and take part in Conferences and conventions for the promotion of scriptural holiness.

Evangelists are usually sent to a place in pairs, either brothers or sisters, as is requested or seems best. Visiting the people in their homes is an important part of the work.

Conventions and conferences are periodically held at various centres with a view to the establishing of young converts and leading Christians into the fullness of blessing.

Gospel and holiness literature is circulated at Missions and conferences.

Faith in God is the main principle of the AEB. The workers do not have a guaranteed salary, but are maintained out of the funds of the Mission as the Lord supplies the need through freewill offerings and donations.

The AEB is interdenominational, and the workers include members of the different Churches. Not being a sect or denomination, it seeks to work in harmony with the existing Evangelical Churches, by united fellowship, service, and prayer, and to promote the unity of all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Information regarding possible openings for missions will be gladly welcomed.

The continual remembrance of the work at the Throne of Grace by God’s people is earnestly desired.